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Ensemble Composer Pro

9.99 usd

Android上で最もプロフェッショナルな楽譜編集ソフトウェア。それを使えば、どこにも才能のある作曲家のことができます。限り、あなたは楽譜のほとんど知識を持っているとして、あなたは単純に触れることによって素晴らしい音楽を作成することができます。または、それはあなたが簡単に心の中でひらめきを記録することができます。----------------------!!!New features in pro version:~Export to image file with no watermark.
~Adjustable scale factor for both views.
~Ability to add/delete/reorder staffs.
~Support for changing instrument and/or key for individual staffs.
~Support for muting individual staffs.
~Pro version has no ads.
~Supports moving to SD card.
~More time signatures(1/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8).
~Ability to share MIDI music.
~Set your work as ringtone.
Features:-Import/Export industry popular MusicXML file formats for exchange sheet music with other software(Finale etc) maybe on other platforms.
-Support max to 15 instruments played simultaneously, fully capable of normal symphony.
-Use midi for sound, therefore it can support over 100 kinds of musical instruments with a small app size.
-Export midi files or set as ringtones.
-Support saving scores for future re-edit.
-Support undo action to make editing smoother.
-Switch between two view mode for easy editing and viewing.
-Share the sheet music or audio via Email.
Supported stuff:*A variety of note types, from whoe notes to 32nd notes and dotted notes
*A variety of beat types
*All kinds of key signatures and major/minor
*Pickup measure
*Adjustable tempo
*Support for 2 voices
*Repeat marks
*Many temporary diacritical marks
*Tie, slur, tuplet
*Many types of ornament notes
*Rich power signs and wedge